For a Pseudologica Phantastica

In nearby one a week
I'll find for what I seek
I'll find for me some velvet skin
Just to do another sin

This girl, it seems just right for me
Will she fullfill my destiny?
I'm so full of confidence
Oh, will she give me a soft glance?

May I gently stroke her cheek
When we are strolling at the creek?
When will we set out for a ramble?
Will we together take life's gamble?

Will we unveil what future brings?
And do all of the horny things?
She haunts in my brain's convolution
For her is just no substitution

She tolds me on the telephone
- And me almost a fuse was blown -
What she all wants to do with me
I just can't wait for her to see

© 2011 by Daniel Hartmann