We will build upcoming paradise

My hope has awaken
My fears have been taken
My soul is just so confident
And risen is my great intent

I have a gift for all the people
Us is born a new principal
He holds the city of our future
And will abolish all the torture

He's all about to take good care
And of everyone aware
He'll lead us into paradise
And all the evil will demise

He'll talk to us some serious word
That will hit us like a sword
We will see with our own eyes
That we just believed in lies

And when we this have recognized
Nothing more will be despised
We will unveil just everything
And faithfull truth is what we'll bring

We'll make the world worth living in
And do it right instead to sin
Yes, we will build this paradise
And be aware to tell no lies

'Couse we are those responsible
Those who have to pay the bill
We'll have to pay for all the debits
Of thrust, and all the other credits

And certainly it's a hard aim
But no one should have be to blame
So we should use all our hands
To carry in a second chance

© 2011 by Daniel Hartmann